What Am I Working On…?

It’s a question I get asked all the time…”What are you working on at the moment?” What better way to let you in to the inner workings of One Seed than to answer this question every now and then….So step inside my studio with me now…

Disclaimer: this may not be me at my perfume organ

At any given time, I am usually working on two or three fragrances  – usually two that have been in the works for several months and need tweaking, and one or two that I have started but are still in the development stage. Plus several more that exist in the dark corners of my mind.

As you may recall, I have begun the creative process with a delightful sarsaparilla extract. But, being nearly at the start of an Australian summer, I have also been inspired to work on a staunchly summer fragrance, particularly focusing on citrus.

As most natural perfume lovers will know, there do not exist many citrus natural perfumes mainly due to the fleeting nature of the fragrances involved, and also the phototoxicity of many citrus oils. Here is where I intend to fill a gap. So watch this space for a (hopefully) release date of mid 2012.

There are several other projects in the pipeline also, but, alas, some things must remain a secret. I want us to stay newlyweds for a long, long time….


3 thoughts on “What Am I Working On…?

  1. Exciting 🙂
    Just like you – I am also working on several at once. 🙂 (I just made a post about it haha)

    In my case I get general idea and I work 24h that day and than for weeks nothing. 🙂

    • Gotta go with it when the inspiration hits, don’t you! There are days when I feel like I cant remember how to formulate at all!! I think those are the days when you need to do something else just for the fun of it; let your creative brain have some time off!

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