Perfume Profile – Devotion by One Seed

If you could bottle your most precious memories, what would that fragrance smell like?

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For each of us, it would be so different, yet many of those individual aromas would be the same. Like the smell of cookies baking in the oven, your mothers best perfume she only wore on special occasions, or your grandfathers tobacco pipe. Even the smell of your baby’s skin.


Cindy from blog relates this memory of a genuine shoe repair store:

” …The smell… that incomparable smell of melted neoprene coupled with worn leather whisked me right back home to Chile. Every breath reminded me of grandpa’s work room where I would sit and watch him move around hoping desperately he’d give me a useful chore to do. But I only wanteonly if it would really help and not because I was a kid! I hated to be given busy work. Ha! I just remembered that! ”

Memories triggered involuntarily by our senses were first researched by the French writer Marcel Proust. Now we are all aware that certain sights, tastes, and particular smells can at times flood our psyche with uninvited thoughts and memories.


The human ability to connect scent and emotions is so powerful and so beautiful, enabling us to reconnect with our past and even experience again, for just a few moments, those times again.

In the development of our Devotion perfume, we interviewed dozens of Australian women to discover the aromas that most reconnected them with their childhood, and  set about creating a perfume that captured some of these treasured scent memories. Topping the list were sweet spices and vanilla, rose petals, baby powder and vintage fragrances linked to their mother or grandmother. And from this Devotion was born.

Devotion is a warm, velvety gourmand fragrance. Its heart is an old-world classic floral, featuring iris, rose and geranium, like our mothers and grandmothers used to wear. The head notes are reminiscent of a warm kitchen, filled with sweet spices such as cardamom and black pepper, with a tinge of citrus, and the base is a restful vanilla and amber with accents of dark cacao.

One Seed's devotion eau de parfum

Devotion is a fragrance of a bygone era; a powdery floral like the fine perfumes of the past, as well as a modern gourmand that captures the sweetness of childhood.

We are thrilled to announce that devotion is featured in this month’s Peppermint Magazine and Australian Womens’ Weekly. *smiley face!*


Devotion is available now is 50ml eau de parfum (RRP $97.00), 5ml purse spray (RRP $17.95) and 150ml Organic Double Cream (RRP $42.00)

One Seed products are available from selected boutique stores all over Australia or from our website ( For details, please call 1300 747 725.


2 thoughts on “Perfume Profile – Devotion by One Seed

  1. Thanks, Bellatrix. Scent and memory are so connected, it’s hard to create any fragrance without linking them in some way. This one was especially wonderful to create as it is like memories in a bottle.

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