Been away too long

Seems like forever since I posted (actually, it’s been over 3 months, which is waaaay too long, I know). For those of you who think I may have got lost somewhere, I thought it was only fair to give you an update before I attempt (can’t promise anything) to post weekly.

So here’s the list of what has been keeping me pre-occupied for the past 3 months:

Christmas (of course)

School holidays

Finished building a house

Bought a new (very old) house

Renovating the new (very old) house

Moving house

Moving studio (yay! A new studio!)

Sorting all the things that go along with all of the above

PLUS raising 2 kids, and finding a few spare moments to smile at my husband as I pass by!


Yes, life is pretty busy, but I am ready now to settle back down and feed my inspiration with a good dose of jasmine and no-end of fruit tress and other fauna growing in my new (very old) backyard.

Meantime, I need your help. What do you want to read about in my blog? Perfume? Sources of inspiration? Other artisans that inspire me? Gardening? (can’t help you out on that one – I’m a plant-killer). Maybe aromatherpy or organic lifestyle?

And, as a sweetener for your assistance, I’m giving away 3 samples of our Devotion fragrance to random commenters.

Now your turn…


10 thoughts on “Been away too long

  1. i would love love to hear more of your perfume inspirations especially your surroundings (Australia is abounding of them I am sure) as the best and most profound perfumes are made like that I am sure.

  2. Welcome back! I would love to hear more on the aromatherapy, creation of perfume, how you “work” with smells and combine them. As I am trying myself organically, would be also great to hear of successes and downfalls of this kind of lifestyle. Thanks and good luck!

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