The Raw Food Revolution

There are certainly a lot of health-food fads around these days; from the old-school grapefruit diet to the current green smoothie trend, there’s always a ‘latest thing’ for those wanting to be food-trendy. Then there are some ideas that are just plain revolutionary. Enter the raw food revolution.

Though it may seem like a trendy idea, and completely unsustainable in the long term, I am completely sold on the benefits of a raw food diet. Not that I’ve gone completely raw (that is a bit of a stretch with a carnivore for a husband and kids that love the odd packet of chips), but I have definitely made some big changes in the raw direction in the past few months.

It started with a juicing and veggie detox (a fairly regular habit). I had vowed to my best friend to follow it through for 3 weeks (a bad idea if you ever want a chance to give up), but I was so desperately bored and about to throw in the towel when *ching” – like a bolt of lighting came a link to my food saviour, My New Roots. (If aren’t a follower yet, check it our now – I guarantee it will change the way you see whole food forever).

And since that day, it is not surprising to see me bake chocolate cookies with black beans instead of flour, have a concoction of spinach, banana and broccoli in my morning smoothie, or add chia seeds to my cup of tea. The benefit of raw and/or whole food are really obvious once you start-  clearer skin, more energy, less brain fog, and, yes, even healthier kids!

Jump on the band-wagon folks. This one’s not going to stop in a hurry!


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