A Story About Sillage (a stinky tale)

‘Twas a sun-filled Thursday afternoon as I set about my daily jog in Perfumeville.I hadn’t ventured far when, coming to a rail crossing, my path met that of a stranger. As we passed eachother by, I was suddenly overcome by a cloud of scent so thick that my knees fairly buckled, and I was forced to hold my breath for what seemed like hours as she passed me out of sight. I let out a “pahhhhhh” as I released my breath, expectantly grateful for the fresh cleansing of autumn air, when I realised her sillage had followed me! Horrified, I spun around to see if she, perhaps, had altered her course, and headed back in my direction with her perfume monster, but she was at least half a block away, barely visible in the suburban distance. What was this beast that had entrapped me in its horrific scent? My guesses cannot be repeated here for fear of retribution, but all I can be sure of was that its tail was at least twenty-five metres long, and clearly capable of destruction as much as its head.

The moral of this story is clear – sillage is capable of both good and evil.  Therefore, choose your fragrance with wisdom and careful consideration. You may feel your sillage is your best friend, but it can hasten to make enemies of those around about you. And your sillage speaks when you may not: intimate and open, strong and showy, broody, sensitive or just plain loud.

And, on a final note, remember this fact that altered history: Marie Antoinette was caught by her captors as a result of the scent trail she left behind.

Enough said.

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