Step into my closet

Today I am opening up for you my mysterious cupboard of essenceswooooooo….sounds spooooky

But it’s not. No ghost could ever handle the smell that emanates from that piece of furniture, or my little studio, in fact (And it’s not the smell of garlic BTW).

It’s a vintage early 1900’s sideboard that holds these little bottles of olfactory joy. I think there is no better way to house such preciousness than a piece of history, don’t you think?

My essence cupboard houses 101 (that’s an actual number, not a cliché!) plant extracts I have used in my fragrances, as well as around sixty others waiting for my inspiration to hit. And the list grows steadily every month!

They comes from far and near, from exotic tropical locations to seashores and forests and everything in between. And all of them are choses for their beauty, tenacity, quality and naturalness.

Yes, I’ve had some duds, but they have long since seen the dark passages beneath the toilet bowl (only good for disinfecting, unfortunately), but I have got some absolute beauties that have literally knocked my knees out from under me, coaxing me to pronounce aloud, “OH MY GOSH!” on first sniff.

my favourite vanilla C02

Today, I received a parcel from the USA containing these goddess-like extracts of Kava Kava, German chamomile, Osmanthus absolute, red grapefruit and Russian clary sage. I mean, these are phenomenal. Yes, Ive smelled most of these from other suppliers before, but these ones are simply a knock-out.

Of course, now I’m just waiting for an excuse to use them!

4 thoughts on “Step into my closet

  1. I just love getting new essences in the mail! It sure beats junk mail!. I too love that vanilla CO2 from Eden Botanicals, but have you tried their Organic Vanilla Extract? I love it even more! It’s rather caramelike, like toasted marshmallows. I’m dying to use it along with Lapsang Souchong tea CO2 for a fall-inpired blend. The Lapsang Souchong smells exactly like the leaves we used to burn in October when I was a kid(before we knew how polluting it was). I’m very curious about the Kava Kava, I’m not sure I would like it for the smell, but would use it medicinally.

    • Hi Brian! Yes, that organic vanilla extract is one that knocked my knees out from under me! It’s absolutely divine! Funny you should mention pairing it with a tea extract – I’ve done the same and paired it with a black tea CO2, and it’s absolutely beautiful 🙂
      Kava kava is a little medicinal but also to me has quite an exotic floral note, much like ginger lily CO2, as well as a bit of spice and touch of fenugreek-like sweetness.
      Such fun! Keep me posted on what you try next! 🙂

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