The Case of the Elusive Room Diffuser (and other scary tales)

It is a journey that began over twelve months ago….The search to discover the one formula that has eluded perfumers for centuries (or, at least a few years anyway). The mysterious Natural Room Diffuser Formula…… Ohhhhhh, its a mysterious mystery….




Along the way there have been several clues and many, many trials, each one of them failing just as the last. Until that one day, one glorious day, when suddenly the veil was lifted and there before my eyes (and nose) was the formula! And in my own handwriting! Yes! After  hundreds of dollars of wasted ingredients (hello shiny, fragrant floors), long hours in the lab, and poor old husbands with diffuser reeds stuck under their (his) noses at the most inappropriate times, it was finally all mine!

(Cue horrendous evil laugh…)




But really just the beginning.


Yes, it’s true. I have finally cracked the formula for a beautiful and highly effective natural room diffuser. It all seemed so easy at the start, but the biggest problems I faced (and insisted on overcoming) were:

1. The scent throw. MUST be able to smell it at least across a room, if not down the hall.

2. It must not be made entirely of alcohol. The flammability issue, but also the fact that alcohol in an open bottle evaporates so quickly. You’d be needing a new diffuser every few weeks.

3. It must not be too expensive. It should be luxurious, but not just for royalty and superstars.

4. It must be 100% natural. Period.


I am so thrilled that the formula I now hold in my hands can tick all of those boxes.

The next chapter on this journey is to narrow down the fragrance options (FYI There are over 200 fragrance extracts in my studio!). And this is where you come in. It’s a choose your own adventure of sorts. I’d love your comments and suggestions!

Do you have a wonderful memory you’d love to bottle and keep in your home? A favourite tree or flower that you LOVE the scent of? A favourite time or place, or just a scent that always makes you feel comforted, peaceful, relaxed or happy?

Love to hear your thoughts. 












2 thoughts on “The Case of the Elusive Room Diffuser (and other scary tales)

  1. Hi Liz,

    I love the smell of Jasmine through my window in spring, & Geranium & Rose always make me feel calm & happy if that helps at all!

    I look forward to the release of the Room Diffuser!


    Louise Jaensch


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