Sometimes people think I’m crazy.

There are some days where people think you’re crazy. (And by ‘you’ I mean ‘me’).

Pretty sure today was one of those days. It started with the startling ‘bang’ of a lady unceremoniously thrusting a coconut toward the pavement. (Me). Yes, I startled a few passers-by and a shop-keeper or two came out for an inspection, but I got the job done – coconut sufficiently and beautifully cracked. And I got my freshly-cracked coconut photos…


I love photo shoots. There is so much rooms for the three c’s: creativity, craziness and coconuts.


Today’s photo shoot was all about the coconut, but mainly about Seeker, our holiday-in-the-sun style organic perfume. So, of course, there had to be a coconut.


What I love about what I do is the opportunity to be creative in so many different ways. And the chance to be flexible and unpredictable – one day creating a new scent, the next day shooting some new images, and the day after prowling Instagram for beautiful images and amazing businesses I just have to be part of. My world is beautiful, crazy, unpredictable and creative, and I just love it.



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