One Seed is a boutique Australian company, handcrafting beautiful botanical fragrances from the finest natural extracts sourced worldwide. We are passionate about creating wholly natural products with attention to detail, delivering a result that is both luxurious and accessible.

Our perfumes are 100% natural, minimum 80% organic, vegan, cruelty-free and Australian made.

Using the most decadent natural extracts available is a big part of One Seed’s perfume philosophy. We believe in creating products that not only smell amazing, but have a depth and complexity of aroma that is simply not found in the majority of popular fragrances.

Like the chapters of a book, our fragrances unfold slowly on the skin revealing layers of “the story” over several minutes, and even hours.


By loving our perfumes, you are also helping disempowered people throughout the world. One Seed donates 10% of profits to organisations close to our heart, including Collective Shout and Australia Hope International.


One Seed has been featured in the following publications:

Australian Traveller, Women’s Fitness, White Magazine, Jestar Magazine, Fete Press, Nature & Health magazine,  Peppermint, Australian Natural Health,Wedding Style Guide, MICI Magazine, Frock Paper Scizzors and many more,

About Liz Cook

I began creating fragrances under the brand One Seed in 2009.  I have been involved in the organic beauty industry for over a decade, and previously owned three organic beauty and aromatherapy stores in South Australia.

My passions are for all things organic (especially beauty and food!), small business, artisans and their wares, and writing. Apart from One Seed, I am also studying nutritional medicine, which I adore. I have two young children and live in beautiful Adelaide, South Australia.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. HI Liz, I absolutely adore your passion for all things natural and came across the basmati fragrance you captured. Please could you suggest if there is any natural oils I can use to capture fragrances or is Grape ethanol safe to use on my child (3 years old). Really appreciate your feedback

    • Hello Krishna! So glad you found us!
      Regarding perfume for children, I would avoid ethanol altogether for at least a few more years. The best option for your little one is either apricot or jojoba oil, or fractionated coconut oil. And dont go above 3% concentration of essential oils. Good luck and let me know how it goes! 🙂

  2. Liz, Today I managed to capture the fragrance from coconut, by soaking toasted desiccated coconut in warm jojoba oil. Fingers crossed it works when I filter it in a few weeks. Thank you so much for your inspiration and guidance. Once the coconut fragrance oil is ready can I use this as my carrier oil or do I need to dilute it further before adding Essential Oils to this. I shall stay within the 3% concentration as you advised. Thank you once again


    • Hello Krishna
      You shouldn’t need to dilute it. However, when using anything on the skin of children you need to be very cautious. I would definitely stay within the 3% concentration, less if you are adding it to an infused oil. test it on yourself first, then test it (leave on for 24 hrs) on a small patch of skin on your child before actually applying.


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