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Why oil can change your life (or, at least your skin)

If you are like me, and have spent years and years trying to find that one solution for your skin, then you probably want to read on.

Don’t worry – this is not a gimmick story. I hate gimmicks. No, this is a tale about how simple is almost always best. And about how giving your skin the best treatment it deserves does not cost $335 a bottle.



image borrowed from mybeautybinge.com


My skin story

As a child I had beautiful skin. People told me that all the time. Even as a teenager I was never prone to acne breakouts, thanks to good genes. But womanhood in all its glory did not bring out the best in my skin, and by the time I was in my mid 20s, what I saw in the mirror was usually oily, blotchy, spotty, and, well, just not sparkly anymore.

I spent years trying every natural product that promised to give me my sparkle back, but nothing did the trick. So I wore daily foundation (natural products, of course), and just thought it was my tough luck. First world problems, right?

image borrowed from seenox.org

image borrowed from seenox.org

Fast forward to 12 months ago. I ran out of moisturiser one fine morning, and out of desperation, I began to use olive oil day and night for a week. Yes, olive oil, as in, from the pantry. And what do you know, by the end of the week, no more spots! And 12 months later, still no spots! No oil slick. Less wrinkles around my eyes (honestly), and I’m even going makeup free a few days a week. It’s safe to say I am now a complete advocate of pure plant oils for skin care, even for the oiliest of skins like mine.

Olive oil is fantastic, but I do sometimes smell like bruschetta in the morning, so it was time to return to my roots and formulate an oil-based product that would be simple, effective, smell amazing and maybe even rejuvenating for my (cough, two weeks from 40) skin. And so the One Seed Organic Multipurpose Elixir was born.


About the Elixir

I spent 6 months working on this formula. I wanted it to be rich in nutrients, but not greasy. I wanted it to feed the deepest layers of the skin, but still leave a silky finish. Most of all, I wanted it to replace everything else I had been using. One product for face, body, hair, bath… And it had to smell amazing.

The Elixir is 100% natural, and contains at least 90% organic ingredients which have been specifically chosen (and tested) to meet these criteria. They provide your skin with an unbelievable multivitamin and mineral boost, tonnes of antioxidants, and the youthful-ageing benefits of sea buckthorn and pomegranate extracts. We use virgin oils (ie those that haven’t been refined) to keep the true nature and potency of the plant in tact and provide the highest possible benefits for your skin. We just havent seen anything else on the market like it.

The scents we’ve chosen are designed to ‘bloom’ on the skin over 30 minutes or so, but they are subtle so they don’t interfere with your perfume (or your perfume-free office!). And so far the feedback has been amazing.

elixir trio crop

So that’s the story about how oil changed my life (nope, but it definitely did change my skin). We’d love you to try it and let us know what you think!









Perfumer’s Palette Annual Sell-Off

Lucky you! Welcome to our inaugural annual Perfumer’s Palette Sell-Off!

Each year we accumulate dozens, sometimes hundreds, of bottles of extracts we won’t use before they expire and excess batches of oils we do use. It seems such a wasteful shame to let them die, don’t you think? They’d be much better off in your body oil, bath soak or perfume experiments.

So now is your opportunity to own a little piece of a real perfumery palette. We are offering the following extracts for sale (all at cost or below):


  • Honey-type absolute natural (compounded natural isolate) – $25 per 50g (8 lots available) SOLD OUT
  • Mint absolute – $45 per 50g (14 lots available) 13 LEFT
  • African bluegrass  essential oil – $10 for 12ml SOLD OUT
  • Petitgrain bigarade essential oil- $10 for 15ml SOLD OUT
  • Kava kava root C02 – $37 for 25ml SOLD OUT
  • Costus root CO2 – $50 for 15ml SOLD OUT
  • Scotch pine essential oil -$20 for 50ml (2 lots available) SOLD OUT
  • Opoponax absolute – $12 for 15ml SOLD OUT
  • Green cognac – $12 for 10ml (3 lots available) SOLD OUT
  • Aleppo pine – $12 for 10ml SOLD OUT
  • Sandalwood WA CO2 – $40 for 25ml (2 lots available) SOLD OUT
  • Davana essential oil – $5 for 10ml (6 lots available) SOLD OUT
  • Choya loban – $8 for 10ml SOLD OUT
  • Petitgrain sur fleurs organic – $5 for 10ml (2 lots available) SOLD OUT
  • Western red cedar heartwood essential oil – $10 for 15ml SOLD OUT
  • Choya nakh – $12 for 10ml (3 lots available) SOLD OUT
  • Bitter almond essential oil – $12 for 10ml (3 lots available) SOLD OUT
  • Buddhawood resin – $20 for 30ml SOLD OUT
  • Nigella damascana absolute – $40 for 10ml SOLD OUT
  • Orange essence oil – $5 for 5ml SOLD OUT
  • Marjoram essential oil – $10 for 15ml SOLD OUT
  • Olive fruity absolute – $12 for 5ml SOLD OUT
  • Hops CO2 – $10 for 10ml (3 lots available) SOLD OUT
  • Katrafay – $10 for 8ml SOLD OUT
  • Cypress leaf organic essential oil – $8 for 10ml (2 lots available) SOLD OUT
  • Ginger lily Co2-  $5 for 10ml (20 lots available) SOLD OUT
  • Clove bud organic essential oil -$5 for 10ml (20 lots available) 15 LEFT
  • Spearmint essential oil -$5 for 10ml (20 lots available) 16 LEFT
  • Peppermint essential oil – $5 for 10ml (20 lots available) 15 LEFT
  • Amber fossilized (very rare) $50 for 7.4ml 1 LEFT
  • Amber resin Co2 (very rare) $50 for 7.4 ml 1 LEFT
  • Yarrow blue $5 for 3.2ml SOLD OUT
  • Coriander seed oil (organic) $15 for 10ml (12 available)
  • Beeswax absolute 7.4ml for $50 SOLD OUT

If you would like to own any of these, simply email your order list to info@oneseedperfumes.com, and we will email you a link to pay. Orders are open to customers worldwide, and shipping will be charged at cost price (via the postal system) (we will let you know shipping prices before finalising your order).

Early bird gets the worm, so be quick!




Sometimes people think I’m crazy.

There are some days where people think you’re crazy. (And by ‘you’ I mean ‘me’).

Pretty sure today was one of those days. It started with the startling ‘bang’ of a lady unceremoniously thrusting a coconut toward the pavement. (Me). Yes, I startled a few passers-by and a shop-keeper or two came out for an inspection, but I got the job done – coconut sufficiently and beautifully cracked. And I got my freshly-cracked coconut photos…


I love photo shoots. There is so much rooms for the three c’s: creativity, craziness and coconuts.


Today’s photo shoot was all about the coconut, but mainly about Seeker, our holiday-in-the-sun style organic perfume. So, of course, there had to be a coconut.


What I love about what I do is the opportunity to be creative in so many different ways. And the chance to be flexible and unpredictable – one day creating a new scent, the next day shooting some new images, and the day after prowling Instagram for beautiful images and amazing businesses I just have to be part of. My world is beautiful, crazy, unpredictable and creative, and I just love it.



Perfume creation – my creative process

This week, I’m lucky enough to be running two natural perfumery workshops with folks who just love the idea of scent creation.

blending scent bar on white

The question I get asked most often, by everyone, is “Where do you get your ideas?”

This is the part of perfumery that comes easiest to me. I have one of those minds that never stops. Ideas flow constantly, consciously and subconsciously, and my head is always spinning with concepts, ideas, theology, psychology, nutritional queries, diagnoses, reasoning, argument, philosophy…… (hence why I’m not a great sleeper!)

pile of books

image via entrepreneur.com

Unlike many perfumers, my perfume concepts generally don’t come from literature. I love the written word, and I devour books (mostly about ideas, theology, psychology, nutrition, diagnoses…see where I’m going with this?!)

Most of my perfume concepts come from single words, inspiring quotes, lyrics or human experience.

Some of those come from my reading, but mostly they come from listening. Song lyrics, people talking, things my kids say when they’re joyful, listening to a friend talk about her struggles, watching an old married couple hold hands as they walk, listening to the sound of peace in the air on a warm morning….these are the things that give me most inspiration and help me understand more about life and people.

image via bold.kohler.com

image via bold.kohler.com

I guess that’s the reason our perfumes have names like “Freedom”, “Hope” and “Seeker”. For me, scent creation is about speaking to human experience and emotion.

freedom setup 3 crop

Once I have a word in mind, I brainstorm about what that word smells like and looks like. What colour is it? What picture is in my mind? What elements are in that picture?A lake? A tree? A mountain?

painting 2

Then I look for a quote that encompasses the word and picture.

seeker sml

Once I have a word, a mental image, descriptions and a quote, I start working with my extracts, something like a painter would set about the paint the picture that it in his head. The translating of these words and pictures can be tricky – I can sometimes be inclined to go off on a tangent, and find I’m bringing myself back to my original picture time after time – but by sticking to that initial inspiration, I find the formula that finally translates the feeling into a bottle.

freedom front banner



Sun-showers and a-ha moments

We had a sun-shower yesterday.

It was the most glorious, delicate sprinkling of rain I’ve ever experienced. A beautiful, warm twenty-five degrees (Celsius), sun shining brightly, when out of nowhere came a drop of rain on my foot, then on my nose, and before I knew it, thousands of delicate droplets, glistening in the sun, falling like the softest of snowflakes. It was as if I was standing under a blossoming almond tree, the petals floating down around me, and all the world like it was breathing in the softest, sweetest harmony. I’ve really never seen a sun-shower like it before.


Yesterday I officially began work on a new fragrance; one to represent summer and freshness and new beginnings. But as I sat there in my studio surrounded by bottles of single notes all vying for my attention, I didn’t feel like a perfumer at all. The thought crossed my mind (and hovered there for some time), maybe I don’t know how to do this anymore.


It’s been nearly eighteen months since we launched (or worked on) a new fragrance, and, if you’ve been following our adventures, you would recall that I have since been through a period of burnout. During that time, I simply could not find my creativity, and I decided that I would wait, heal, recover and come back when I was good and ready. So it’s almost a rebirth for me. And I well and truly felt like a baby yesterday.


I spent a few hours in the studio, not getting anywhere at all. Then suddenly it occurred to me -I work best as an intellectual perfumer; I need to research, to write, to make lists, to group and ungroup on paper before I even enter the studio. It’s the innate research-driven side of me and it’s how I seem to do everything these days. I feel the need to get down the basest details and understand completely before I put things into practice, and that is now the case even in the perfumery.

And that’s OK.

I used to feel uncomfortable with people calling me ‘arty’ or ‘creative’ and now I know why. I don’t feel like an artist. I feel like a researcher. And I feel like my research culminates in a burst of creativity at the end. It’s as if I’ve found a story, located the characters, understood the scene, the context, the motivations and the emotions behind the story, and then been able to put the story together in scent.


So today I came to the studio armed with hours of research from last night, and, guess what?

The magic happened…





The Case of the Elusive Room Diffuser (and other scary tales)

It is a journey that began over twelve months ago….The search to discover the one formula that has eluded perfumers for centuries (or, at least a few years anyway). The mysterious Natural Room Diffuser Formula…… Ohhhhhh, its a mysterious mystery….




Along the way there have been several clues and many, many trials, each one of them failing just as the last. Until that one day, one glorious day, when suddenly the veil was lifted and there before my eyes (and nose) was the formula! And in my own handwriting! Yes! After  hundreds of dollars of wasted ingredients (hello shiny, fragrant floors), long hours in the lab, and poor old husbands with diffuser reeds stuck under their (his) noses at the most inappropriate times, it was finally all mine!

(Cue horrendous evil laugh…)




But really just the beginning.


Yes, it’s true. I have finally cracked the formula for a beautiful and highly effective natural room diffuser. It all seemed so easy at the start, but the biggest problems I faced (and insisted on overcoming) were:

1. The scent throw. MUST be able to smell it at least across a room, if not down the hall.

2. It must not be made entirely of alcohol. The flammability issue, but also the fact that alcohol in an open bottle evaporates so quickly. You’d be needing a new diffuser every few weeks.

3. It must not be too expensive. It should be luxurious, but not just for royalty and superstars.

4. It must be 100% natural. Period.


I am so thrilled that the formula I now hold in my hands can tick all of those boxes.

The next chapter on this journey is to narrow down the fragrance options (FYI There are over 200 fragrance extracts in my studio!). And this is where you come in. It’s a choose your own adventure of sorts. I’d love your comments and suggestions!

Do you have a wonderful memory you’d love to bottle and keep in your home? A favourite tree or flower that you LOVE the scent of? A favourite time or place, or just a scent that always makes you feel comforted, peaceful, relaxed or happy?

Love to hear your thoughts. 











I Surrender

It’s been too long since my last post, so I must apologise to all my loyal followers. I always intend to write weekly, but real life dictates unfortunately, and so you may find yourself meeting with me only every couple of months.

I feel compelled to write about my experience as a perfumer over the past year or so, and be forthright about the ‘blocks’ that can happen to those of us in creative fields. I have definitely been experiencing that for some time now. At the start, I found it frustrating, and I tried to push through it so I could get back to doing what I love, which is bringing you inspired fragrances. But those actions only compounded the problem, and so anything that I had been working on, pushing out, trying to create, fell short of the mark and just wasn’t, well, inspired.

I’m not sure exactly when, but some time over the past few months, I realised that I have been suffering from burnout, and I had an epiphany about my life and my work; I needed to let things be, and surrender to the experience.


And so, if I couldn’t bear to turn on the computer that day, I just didnt. And if I needed to sit on the couch and watch Ellen, I did (and still do!). And if getting into the studio didn’t feel right that day, I closed the door and went home. Or for a walk. Or for coffee with a friend. Or whatever my mind and body needed that day.


At first I thought the world would miss me. That One Seed would suffer for my lack or inspiration, that my customers would suffer for my lack of productivity. But none of those fears seem to have come true, and, in fact, I find myself being more real, more genuine, more ‘in the moment’, more creative in my every day life. And slowly the inspiration has started coming back. Not when I’ve penciled in a ‘day in the studio’, but at random moments, and I am finding that my ideas have been more original and more inspired than ever before.


Its a funny thing to surrender. Such a scary concept – as if surrendering means you give up and throw everything away. But I have found that surrendering actually has the opposite effect. Surrendering to me has meant finding who I really am, where my creativity actually comes from, being more me than ever before, and seeing life in a whole new light.




Scent Bar launch today!

We are thrilled to be launching our  Scent Bar online today!

scent bar trio banner space text

Scent Bar is an exciting way to create your own custom-fragrance using natural extracts and accords from our collection.
How does it work? Simply choose your favourite top, middle and base notes from those listed, and we will expertly blend them into an 8ml atomiser for only $29.95. 

scent bar banner 1

We first launched Scent Bar at the Bowerbird Bazaar back in November, and where overwhelmed with positive and excited responses from our customers. So now you can have the Scent Bar experience whenever you like!

We’ve started with a collection of 25 of the most asked-for notes (tinctured in 100% natural grape ethanol), and will be adding new notes every month. You can choose from some ready-made accords (blends of 2 or more notes to create a harmonious scent), such as a triple rose accord (with 3 different rose extracts and a geranium extract), and single extracts such as ylang ylang, coriander & blood orange.

scent bar oils leaf

Scent Bar is a great way to be able to explore the world of natural perfumery using your own creativity and personal preferences. But if it all seems a bit complicated, you can stick with our ready-to-wear collection, or even have a bespoke fragrance made for you!

Ready to have a look? You can try Scent Bar here

Happy blending! (Oh, and happy new year everyone! )



Why I Love (RAd)elaide…

Adelaide has had its fair share of critics. Most of them hail from towns that feature all-night traffic jams, where the price of milk is almost the same as a small car,  and most of whom have never actually spent any length of time here.

If you want to know the truth about Adelaide (or RADelaide as its affectionately known), you need to ask a local. Enter, me

Expert in Adelaide-ology, Liz Cook

Expert in Adelaide-ology, Liz Cook


Name of city: Adelaide

Location: Southern Australia

Population: around 1.2 million (approx 1/4 of Sydney’s population)

Climate: Temperate. Three months of cold weather (around 14 degrees Celsius  in winter), 8 months of amazing weather (20s to low 30s) and one month of horrid dry weather (somewhere 38 degrees plus)

Features: lots of beaches, decent surfing, great fishing, the best wine regions in the world, fantastic festivals, amazing produce, fabulous cafes

Accolades:  1st – most liveable city in Australia (March 2013, Property Council of Australia )

5th –  most liveable city in the world (August 2013,The Economist Intelligence Unit)

9th – best places to visit in the world (October 2013, Lonely Planet)


Adelaide city - image borrowed from News Ltd

Adelaide city – image borrowed from News Ltd

Yes, it may be relatively quiet, and we don’t have as many night spots and theme parks as some of the other cities around Australia, or 24 hours shopping for that matter, but when it comes down to it, Adelaide is full of the stuff of substance; great food, great people, great weather, great times and a great attitude to life.

Womadelaide festival - image borrowed from www.fringebenefits.com

Womadelaide festival – image borrowed from http://www.fringebenefits.com

Now don’t get me wrong here, people, I absolutely adore many places in Australia – some of my favourites are Hobart, Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, The Margaret River region in WA, Melbourne, and many others – but I feel it is my job as a human citizen of this great dry desert we call South Australia to defend & uphold its beauty and its goodness. Would I live anywhere else? Sure –  I’d probably live in any one of those places I just listed. But not for lack of affection and gratitude for where I already live.

Henley Beach jetty - image borrowed from www.weekendnotes.com

Henley Beach jetty – image borrowed from http://www.weekendnotes.com

Reasons I still choose Adelaide

1. It’s easy to get anywhere at any time of the day. Yes, even in peak hour!

2. The beaches are beautiful, clean, safe and close

3. There are wineries north and south of the city, less that an hour drive away, and they boast some of the best wines in the world

4. We have amazing places to get away, and I can be in some of my favourite South Australian holiday spots in an hour

5. Adelaide is multicultural, and we get to experience the tastes and cultures of many nations. We have a large contingent of Greek, Italian, Russian, African, Chinese, Indian and many other cultures represented here.

6. No one is in a hurry. (Well, mostly!). That difference is obvious when you travel to other larger cities in Australia. Adelaide just moves slower, like a Sunday drive.

7. The weather is mostly great, and almost always predictable.

8. Adelaide is known for being clean and green. There is a focus by government, business and the general population on being energy efficient, recycling, organic agriculture and all manner of green living. (FYI – -did you know Adelaide is the first place in Australia to introduce a deposit rebate scheme for soft drink bottles, and also the first to remove plastic shopping bags as standard practice for retailers! (The 2nd one we don’t always like, but we’re getting used to it!)

9. We’re not trying to be someone else. Lonely Planet calls Adelaide “Charming and effortless, and I would have to agree. There’s no pretentiousness here. We are what we are, and what we are is authentic.

10. LOVE the farmers markets! Adelaide has some of the best farmers’ markets in Australia, including the Barossa Produce Market, The Adelaide Central Market, The Willunga Farmers Markets & Adelaide Farmers Market (my personal favourite!)

Adelaide central Market - image borrowed from www.australiantraveller.com

Adelaide central Market – image borrowed from http://www.australiantraveller.com

To end, may I quote a semi-famous DJ that recently said, “Don’t be a hater; be a congratulator”.

Congratulations, Adelaide. I love you for what you are.



PS Here’s one for the South Australians among you – 30 ways to Know You’re a South Australian 🙂