Why oil can change your life (or, at least your skin)

If you are like me, and have spent years and years trying to find that one solution for your skin, then you probably want to read on.

Don’t worry – this is not a gimmick story. I hate gimmicks. No, this is a tale about how simple is almost always best. And about how giving your skin the best treatment it deserves does not cost $335 a bottle.



image borrowed from mybeautybinge.com


My skin story

As a child I had beautiful skin. People told me that all the time. Even as a teenager I was never prone to acne breakouts, thanks to good genes. But womanhood in all its glory did not bring out the best in my skin, and by the time I was in my mid 20s, what I saw in the mirror was usually oily, blotchy, spotty, and, well, just not sparkly anymore.

I spent years trying every natural product that promised to give me my sparkle back, but nothing did the trick. So I wore daily foundation (natural products, of course), and just thought it was my tough luck. First world problems, right?

image borrowed from seenox.org

image borrowed from seenox.org

Fast forward to 12 months ago. I ran out of moisturiser one fine morning, and out of desperation, I began to use olive oil day and night for a week. Yes, olive oil, as in, from the pantry. And what do you know, by the end of the week, no more spots! And 12 months later, still no spots! No oil slick. Less wrinkles around my eyes (honestly), and I’m even going makeup free a few days a week. It’s safe to say I am now a complete advocate of pure plant oils for skin care, even for the oiliest of skins like mine.

Olive oil is fantastic, but I do sometimes smell like bruschetta in the morning, so it was time to return to my roots and formulate an oil-based product that would be simple, effective, smell amazing and maybe even rejuvenating for my (cough, two weeks from 40) skin. And so the One Seed Organic Multipurpose Elixir was born.


About the Elixir

I spent 6 months working on this formula. I wanted it to be rich in nutrients, but not greasy. I wanted it to feed the deepest layers of the skin, but still leave a silky finish. Most of all, I wanted it to replace everything else I had been using. One product for face, body, hair, bath… And it had to smell amazing.

The Elixir is 100% natural, and contains at least 90% organic ingredients which have been specifically chosen (and tested) to meet these criteria. They provide your skin with an unbelievable multivitamin and mineral boost, tonnes of antioxidants, and the youthful-ageing benefits of sea buckthorn and pomegranate extracts. We use virgin oils (ie those that haven’t been refined) to keep the true nature and potency of the plant in tact and provide the highest possible benefits for your skin. We just havent seen anything else on the market like it.

The scents we’ve chosen are designed to ‘bloom’ on the skin over 30 minutes or so, but they are subtle so they don’t interfere with your perfume (or your perfume-free office!). And so far the feedback has been amazing.

elixir trio crop

So that’s the story about how oil changed my life (nope, but it definitely did change my skin). We’d love you to try it and let us know what you think!









Sun-showers and a-ha moments

We had a sun-shower yesterday.

It was the most glorious, delicate sprinkling of rain I’ve ever experienced. A beautiful, warm twenty-five degrees (Celsius), sun shining brightly, when out of nowhere came a drop of rain on my foot, then on my nose, and before I knew it, thousands of delicate droplets, glistening in the sun, falling like the softest of snowflakes. It was as if I was standing under a blossoming almond tree, the petals floating down around me, and all the world like it was breathing in the softest, sweetest harmony. I’ve really never seen a sun-shower like it before.


Yesterday I officially began work on a new fragrance; one to represent summer and freshness and new beginnings. But as I sat there in my studio surrounded by bottles of single notes all vying for my attention, I didn’t feel like a perfumer at all. The thought crossed my mind (and hovered there for some time), maybe I don’t know how to do this anymore.


It’s been nearly eighteen months since we launched (or worked on) a new fragrance, and, if you’ve been following our adventures, you would recall that I have since been through a period of burnout. During that time, I simply could not find my creativity, and I decided that I would wait, heal, recover and come back when I was good and ready. So it’s almost a rebirth for me. And I well and truly felt like a baby yesterday.


I spent a few hours in the studio, not getting anywhere at all. Then suddenly it occurred to me -I work best as an intellectual perfumer; I need to research, to write, to make lists, to group and ungroup on paper before I even enter the studio. It’s the innate research-driven side of me and it’s how I seem to do everything these days. I feel the need to get down the basest details and understand completely before I put things into practice, and that is now the case even in the perfumery.

And that’s OK.

I used to feel uncomfortable with people calling me ‘arty’ or ‘creative’ and now I know why. I don’t feel like an artist. I feel like a researcher. And I feel like my research culminates in a burst of creativity at the end. It’s as if I’ve found a story, located the characters, understood the scene, the context, the motivations and the emotions behind the story, and then been able to put the story together in scent.


So today I came to the studio armed with hours of research from last night, and, guess what?

The magic happened…





The Case of the Elusive Room Diffuser (and other scary tales)

It is a journey that began over twelve months ago….The search to discover the one formula that has eluded perfumers for centuries (or, at least a few years anyway). The mysterious Natural Room Diffuser Formula…… Ohhhhhh, its a mysterious mystery….




Along the way there have been several clues and many, many trials, each one of them failing just as the last. Until that one day, one glorious day, when suddenly the veil was lifted and there before my eyes (and nose) was the formula! And in my own handwriting! Yes! After  hundreds of dollars of wasted ingredients (hello shiny, fragrant floors), long hours in the lab, and poor old husbands with diffuser reeds stuck under their (his) noses at the most inappropriate times, it was finally all mine!

(Cue horrendous evil laugh…)




But really just the beginning.


Yes, it’s true. I have finally cracked the formula for a beautiful and highly effective natural room diffuser. It all seemed so easy at the start, but the biggest problems I faced (and insisted on overcoming) were:

1. The scent throw. MUST be able to smell it at least across a room, if not down the hall.

2. It must not be made entirely of alcohol. The flammability issue, but also the fact that alcohol in an open bottle evaporates so quickly. You’d be needing a new diffuser every few weeks.

3. It must not be too expensive. It should be luxurious, but not just for royalty and superstars.

4. It must be 100% natural. Period.


I am so thrilled that the formula I now hold in my hands can tick all of those boxes.

The next chapter on this journey is to narrow down the fragrance options (FYI There are over 200 fragrance extracts in my studio!). And this is where you come in. It’s a choose your own adventure of sorts. I’d love your comments and suggestions!

Do you have a wonderful memory you’d love to bottle and keep in your home? A favourite tree or flower that you LOVE the scent of? A favourite time or place, or just a scent that always makes you feel comforted, peaceful, relaxed or happy?

Love to hear your thoughts. 











2013 – Year of the Ticture

Seems 2013 has started off in a slow “I’m-a-dozy-hippie” kinda way for me. But that’s OK. I think I’m not quite over 2012 yet (or, perhaps it’s not quite over me??).

image from nurhudahalim.blogspot.com.au

image from nurhudahalim.blogspot.com.au

Although my head is not yet in the game, my olfactory senses are off on their own little journey, and I find myself sniffing anything that doesn’t move (and some things that do) just to get a sense of them, and how I might extract their essences. (Tincture o’ fence, anyone??)

So while my head is still on vacation, my nose is writing this article for the love of all things odiferous.

It’s starting out with tincture of roasted basmati rice (I’ll be writing about that journey in specific detail soon), and then I found myself surrounded by giant peppercorn trees with their pink little berries of glory crying out for baptism in alcohol. Then, in our little veggie patch a few days ago, I realised I might be a little bit obsessed with the tomato plants (perhaps why they’re yielding so well this time around), and I think it’s more to do with the scent of the leaves than the fruit itself! (Ohhh…the smell of that green, earthy, bitter, salady, dewinesss…)

But, alas, Google wants to kill my joy with articles about the toxicity of tomato leaf, so that one might be a pipe dream.

And then there’s calendula.


Like the nerdy little school girl who no-one pays attention to until suddenly one day she takes off her glasses and everyone gasps in shock and wonder, asking “Whoa! When did she become so hot??!” (And she always was BTW).


Calendula is my ugly duckling. Planted in place of insecticides, it was purely functional. And then I smelt it…And now I must have it in a bottle.

So it would appear that 2013 is going to be the year of the tincture for me. I can’t wait to  see what other goodies join the artisan ranks of mandarin peel & vanilla pod tinctures in my perfume kit …


Are you a tincturer? Or hoping to become one? What have you successfully tinctured, or got your eye (or nose) on?

The Raw Food Revolution

There are certainly a lot of health-food fads around these days; from the old-school grapefruit diet to the current green smoothie trend, there’s always a ‘latest thing’ for those wanting to be food-trendy. Then there are some ideas that are just plain revolutionary. Enter the raw food revolution.

Though it may seem like a trendy idea, and completely unsustainable in the long term, I am completely sold on the benefits of a raw food diet. Not that I’ve gone completely raw (that is a bit of a stretch with a carnivore for a husband and kids that love the odd packet of chips), but I have definitely made some big changes in the raw direction in the past few months.

It started with a juicing and veggie detox (a fairly regular habit). I had vowed to my best friend to follow it through for 3 weeks (a bad idea if you ever want a chance to give up), but I was so desperately bored and about to throw in the towel when *ching” – like a bolt of lighting came a link to my food saviour, My New Roots. (If aren’t a follower yet, check it our now – I guarantee it will change the way you see whole food forever).

And since that day, it is not surprising to see me bake chocolate cookies with black beans instead of flour, have a concoction of spinach, banana and broccoli in my morning smoothie, or add chia seeds to my cup of tea. The benefit of raw and/or whole food are really obvious once you start-  clearer skin, more energy, less brain fog, and, yes, even healthier kids!

Jump on the band-wagon folks. This one’s not going to stop in a hurry!