Scent Bar launch today!

We are thrilled to be launching our  Scent Bar online today!

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Scent Bar is an exciting way to create your own custom-fragrance using natural extracts and accords from our collection.
How does it work? Simply choose your favourite top, middle and base notes from those listed, and we will expertly blend them into an 8ml atomiser for only $29.95. 

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We first launched Scent Bar at the Bowerbird Bazaar back in November, and where overwhelmed with positive and excited responses from our customers. So now you can have the Scent Bar experience whenever you like!

We’ve started with a collection of 25 of the most asked-for notes (tinctured in 100% natural grape ethanol), and will be adding new notes every month. You can choose from some ready-made accords (blends of 2 or more notes to create a harmonious scent), such as a triple rose accord (with 3 different rose extracts and a geranium extract), and single extracts such as ylang ylang, coriander & blood orange.

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Scent Bar is a great way to be able to explore the world of natural perfumery using your own creativity and personal preferences. But if it all seems a bit complicated, you can stick with our ready-to-wear collection, or even have a bespoke fragrance made for you!

Ready to have a look? You can try Scent Bar here

Happy blending! (Oh, and happy new year everyone! )




2013 – Year of the Ticture

Seems 2013 has started off in a slow “I’m-a-dozy-hippie” kinda way for me. But that’s OK. I think I’m not quite over 2012 yet (or, perhaps it’s not quite over me??).

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Although my head is not yet in the game, my olfactory senses are off on their own little journey, and I find myself sniffing anything that doesn’t move (and some things that do) just to get a sense of them, and how I might extract their essences. (Tincture o’ fence, anyone??)

So while my head is still on vacation, my nose is writing this article for the love of all things odiferous.

It’s starting out with tincture of roasted basmati rice (I’ll be writing about that journey in specific detail soon), and then I found myself surrounded by giant peppercorn trees with their pink little berries of glory crying out for baptism in alcohol. Then, in our little veggie patch a few days ago, I realised I might be a little bit obsessed with the tomato plants (perhaps why they’re yielding so well this time around), and I think it’s more to do with the scent of the leaves than the fruit itself! (Ohhh…the smell of that green, earthy, bitter, salady, dewinesss…)

But, alas, Google wants to kill my joy with articles about the toxicity of tomato leaf, so that one might be a pipe dream.

And then there’s calendula.


Like the nerdy little school girl who no-one pays attention to until suddenly one day she takes off her glasses and everyone gasps in shock and wonder, asking “Whoa! When did she become so hot??!” (And she always was BTW).


Calendula is my ugly duckling. Planted in place of insecticides, it was purely functional. And then I smelt it…And now I must have it in a bottle.

So it would appear that 2013 is going to be the year of the tincture for me. I can’t wait to  see what other goodies join the artisan ranks of mandarin peel & vanilla pod tinctures in my perfume kit …


Are you a tincturer? Or hoping to become one? What have you successfully tinctured, or got your eye (or nose) on?