Why I Love (RAd)elaide…

Adelaide has had its fair share of critics. Most of them hail from towns that feature all-night traffic jams, where the price of milk is almost the same as a small car,  and most of whom have never actually spent any length of time here.

If you want to know the truth about Adelaide (or RADelaide as its affectionately known), you need to ask a local. Enter, me

Expert in Adelaide-ology, Liz Cook

Expert in Adelaide-ology, Liz Cook


Name of city: Adelaide

Location: Southern Australia

Population: around 1.2 million (approx 1/4 of Sydney’s population)

Climate: Temperate. Three months of cold weather (around 14 degrees Celsius  in winter), 8 months of amazing weather (20s to low 30s) and one month of horrid dry weather (somewhere 38 degrees plus)

Features: lots of beaches, decent surfing, great fishing, the best wine regions in the world, fantastic festivals, amazing produce, fabulous cafes

Accolades:  1st – most liveable city in Australia (March 2013, Property Council of Australia )

5th –  most liveable city in the world (August 2013,The Economist Intelligence Unit)

9th – best places to visit in the world (October 2013, Lonely Planet)


Adelaide city - image borrowed from News Ltd

Adelaide city – image borrowed from News Ltd

Yes, it may be relatively quiet, and we don’t have as many night spots and theme parks as some of the other cities around Australia, or 24 hours shopping for that matter, but when it comes down to it, Adelaide is full of the stuff of substance; great food, great people, great weather, great times and a great attitude to life.

Womadelaide festival - image borrowed from www.fringebenefits.com

Womadelaide festival – image borrowed from http://www.fringebenefits.com

Now don’t get me wrong here, people, I absolutely adore many places in Australia – some of my favourites are Hobart, Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, The Margaret River region in WA, Melbourne, and many others – but I feel it is my job as a human citizen of this great dry desert we call South Australia to defend & uphold its beauty and its goodness. Would I live anywhere else? Sure –  I’d probably live in any one of those places I just listed. But not for lack of affection and gratitude for where I already live.

Henley Beach jetty - image borrowed from www.weekendnotes.com

Henley Beach jetty – image borrowed from http://www.weekendnotes.com

Reasons I still choose Adelaide

1. It’s easy to get anywhere at any time of the day. Yes, even in peak hour!

2. The beaches are beautiful, clean, safe and close

3. There are wineries north and south of the city, less that an hour drive away, and they boast some of the best wines in the world

4. We have amazing places to get away, and I can be in some of my favourite South Australian holiday spots in an hour

5. Adelaide is multicultural, and we get to experience the tastes and cultures of many nations. We have a large contingent of Greek, Italian, Russian, African, Chinese, Indian and many other cultures represented here.

6. No one is in a hurry. (Well, mostly!). That difference is obvious when you travel to other larger cities in Australia. Adelaide just moves slower, like a Sunday drive.

7. The weather is mostly great, and almost always predictable.

8. Adelaide is known for being clean and green. There is a focus by government, business and the general population on being energy efficient, recycling, organic agriculture and all manner of green living. (FYI – -did you know Adelaide is the first place in Australia to introduce a deposit rebate scheme for soft drink bottles, and also the first to remove plastic shopping bags as standard practice for retailers! (The 2nd one we don’t always like, but we’re getting used to it!)

9. We’re not trying to be someone else. Lonely Planet calls Adelaide “Charming and effortless, and I would have to agree. There’s no pretentiousness here. We are what we are, and what we are is authentic.

10. LOVE the farmers markets! Adelaide has some of the best farmers’ markets in Australia, including the Barossa Produce Market, The Adelaide Central Market, The Willunga Farmers Markets & Adelaide Farmers Market (my personal favourite!)

Adelaide central Market - image borrowed from www.australiantraveller.com

Adelaide central Market – image borrowed from http://www.australiantraveller.com

To end, may I quote a semi-famous DJ that recently said, “Don’t be a hater; be a congratulator”.

Congratulations, Adelaide. I love you for what you are.



PS Here’s one for the South Australians among you – 30 ways to Know You’re a South Australian 🙂


Bowerbird Wrap-up

Well, the Bowerbird Bazaar is done, and it’s time to reflect and put my feet up for a few days (and by put my feet up, I mean sort out my tax, organise paperwork, pack and ship orders, check my emails, do some banking…)

One Seed stall at Bowerbird Bazaar

One Seed stall at Bowerbird Bazaar

I love the opportunity to showcase One Seed directly to potential customers, where people can talk to me directly about our products and what they love, or what they are looking for. And the opportunity to work alongside other amazing designers and creatives can never be underestimated.

One Seed perfumer, Liz Cook, Bowerbird Bazaar May 2013

One Seed perfumer, Liz Cook, Bowerbird Bazaar May 2013

I always meet so many lovely, open-hearted stallholders at these events, and find several businesses that I become a die-hard fans of. This time was no different, so allow me to introduce you to these guys whom I love…

Kitty Came Home

Mr and Mrs Kitty (aka Katrina & Farley) are what I would call market carnies- they take their wares on the road 12 times a year, and have tonnes of market experience. Their stall set-up is precision (pretty sure they had it all done in under and hour), and they are two of the nicest people to boot (evidenced by the coming & going & kisses of dozens of friends all weekend).

Kitty Came Home handcraft delightful wallets, purses & clutches from vintage and recycled fabrics within a clear PVC case.

Kitty Came Home button clutch

Kitty Came Home button clutch

Their products evidently last for years, so I can’t wait to challenge my new purse to its most difficult client (me, that is. I am a purse-slayer).

Potted Thoughts

“Potted Thoughts have created a living gift by selecting long living plants presented in beautiful pots to suit any decor. Give the gift that keeps on living.”

Potted Thoughts colour burst

Potted Thoughts colour burst

These guys are fabulous at what they do. It’s one of those amazing businesses that makes you think, “Why didn’t I think of that!” They’re range and quality is superb, and they are just a lovely bunch of people. This little family-owned-and-operated business delivers beautiful plants in stunning pots within Adelaide, and is guaranteed to be loved by whomever you choose to bless with your ‘living gift’.

From Scratch Patisserie

Now I know you’ve heard me blog on Facebook and Tweet about these guys before. And there’s a good reason for that. I’m not alone in declaring that From Scratch is hands-down the BEST patisseries in all of Australia (except maybe Canberra – I havent been there yet) – followed closely by my other favourite, Red Door Bakery.

I had the pleasure of meeting co-owner and pastry chef, Edwina, at last weekends’ Bowerbird, and I confessed my undying devotion for her wares. (Incidentally, I have recently been diagnosed as gluten sensitive, so I now both bless and curse her).

Ugly Raspbetty From Scratch Patisserie

Ugly Raspbetty From Scratch Patisserie

If you’re anywhere near Adelaide, or planning to visit, make sure you find their pop-up store, or visit them at the Adelaide Farmers Market on a Sunday morning.


Whats not to love about undies. Especially these ones. There will be no confusing where you got your unmentionables when you buy a pair of Stonemen.

Stonemen Creative Briefs

Stonemen Creative Briefs

Fantastic modern designs, great cuts, and at a decent price point. Stonemen is a Sydney brand that is definitely going places. (And, yes, I did buy a couple to take home for myself and my man. But, no, I won’t be Instagraming our pair of buttocks as directed).

Namoi Designs

Kalila Stewart Davis is a little lady going big places. Don’t be surprised if you see her gorgeous designs on international catwalks in the near future. Namoi’s designs are feminine with a modern edge, designed and handmade by Kalila using beautiful fabrics and flowing designs.

Namoi Designs

Namoi Designs

I cant wait to see what the future holds for Namoi!

Among The Trees

This sweet little home fragrance business is run by an absolutely delightful mother-and-daughter team, Linda and Ashley. Their products are handcrafted in their leafy home in the Adelaide foothills, and their range is lovely and well-priced.

Among the Trees Fig & Cassis candle

Among the Trees Fig & Cassis candle

It was such a pleasure to see these guys do so well at this market. They are such a delight and I look forward to seeing what they come up next!

I truly love being part of The Bowerbird Bazaar and all it has to offer. I always come home so inspired and with a clearer direction for the future of One Seed. Don’t be surprised if the perfume you’ve asked for and we don’t yet have becomes part of our range in the near future! We listen to all your feedback, ideas and requests.