When inspiration strikes

I just can’t help it; I get inspired at the oddest moments. Often as I’m drifting off to sleep, and I have to get out of bed and write it down (I used to tell myself Id remember it in the morning, but I never do!); often in the car while I’m driving (sans children), sometimes when I’m eating an amazing dessert, always when I’m on holiday.

Today, it was in the middle of creating another product that I suddenly came up with a brilliant concept for a new fragrance. Looking through my collection for a particular extract, I happened to pull out one then another which were totally unrelated to the exercise, and wham! There it was! A new fragrance combination already fully formed into a latest release in my head! So, if course, I had to stop what I was doing a write it down…

And now, as a reward for reading my blog, I will let you in on the beginnings of that fragrance…

The initial combination was boronia and sweet clover, and, with the freezing cold whether this week and rain bucketing down outside, I had created a fragrance in my mind that smelled like snow and pine forest and winter wild flowers. And, oh, it smells glorious so far!

boronia flowers , Cradle Mountain, Tasmania (image from nla.gov.au)

Stay tuned for when my next inspiration strikes! You never know what you might get!