My strange addiction

Hello. My name is Liz and I’m an aromaholic.

Its not just a problem with perfume. I have to smell everything.


Last week I was working with a crew doing a cooking demonstration for a charity, and, after all the samples had been dished out, I snuck over to the pan which once housed a delectable orange pudding, and inhaled deeply. Pretty sure my eyes were even closed. One of the other team spotted me and offered me the remains of her sample, assuming I was wanting a taste, but I declined. All I really wanted was to inhale and get a sense of the subtle nuances that exist between lashing of brown sugar, creamy butter and orange rind. Did you know there are actually subtle nuances in a pudding? Neither did I. Until I became an aromaholic.


I have to smell everything. And not always by choice. I just do smell everything. From the smell of caulking on my husband’s work shirt, the timber dust that might still remain on his skin at the end of the day, to coloured pencils in my daughters bedroom, freshly printed magazines (one odour I detest BTW), every leaf and petal I walk past on the street, the smell of my neighbours’ dinner, new floorboards, old furniture, cotton clothing, nail salons, rubber on shoes, laundry powder, sparks from power tools….Did you know that everything has a smell?


Since I officially became a perfumer in 2009, my nose has become increasingly more sensitive and more aware of the world around me. It’s as if I can now ‘read’ the world by how it smells. Like I need to smell something to know it. For me, it’s as if the true character of an object or place is now defined by how it smells.



Being a perfumer that works only with naturals, and a self-confessed organic/chemical-free junkie in all regards, these days I can smell a synthetic smell a block away. And they hit me hard; give me migrane-type headaches and change my mood (and not in a good way). So my preference is always for the smells that exist in nature.  But good, or bad, I am addicted to aroma.

It’s as if the world has opened up to me a fourth dimension which I knew existed and had even experienced previously, being a person with a nose and all. But now I am adicted. I simply must, with an almost canine-like instinct, understand the world by it’s aromas.

Any other aromaholics out there? Or is this just my strange addiction?