Why oil can change your life (or, at least your skin)

If you are like me, and have spent years and years trying to find that one solution for your skin, then you probably want to read on.

Don’t worry – this is not a gimmick story. I hate gimmicks. No, this is a tale about how simple is almost always best. And about how giving your skin the best treatment it deserves does not cost $335 a bottle.



image borrowed from mybeautybinge.com


My skin story

As a child I had beautiful skin. People told me that all the time. Even as a teenager I was never prone to acne breakouts, thanks to good genes. But womanhood in all its glory did not bring out the best in my skin, and by the time I was in my mid 20s, what I saw in the mirror was usually oily, blotchy, spotty, and, well, just not sparkly anymore.

I spent years trying every natural product that promised to give me my sparkle back, but nothing did the trick. So I wore daily foundation (natural products, of course), and just thought it was my tough luck. First world problems, right?

image borrowed from seenox.org

image borrowed from seenox.org

Fast forward to 12 months ago. I ran out of moisturiser one fine morning, and out of desperation, I began to use olive oil day and night for a week. Yes, olive oil, as in, from the pantry. And what do you know, by the end of the week, no more spots! And 12 months later, still no spots! No oil slick. Less wrinkles around my eyes (honestly), and I’m even going makeup free a few days a week. It’s safe to say I am now a complete advocate of pure plant oils for skin care, even for the oiliest of skins like mine.

Olive oil is fantastic, but I do sometimes smell like bruschetta in the morning, so it was time to return to my roots and formulate an oil-based product that would be simple, effective, smell amazing and maybe even rejuvenating for my (cough, two weeks from 40) skin. And so the One Seed Organic Multipurpose Elixir was born.


About the Elixir

I spent 6 months working on this formula. I wanted it to be rich in nutrients, but not greasy. I wanted it to feed the deepest layers of the skin, but still leave a silky finish. Most of all, I wanted it to replace everything else I had been using. One product for face, body, hair, bath… And it had to smell amazing.

The Elixir is 100% natural, and contains at least 90% organic ingredients which have been specifically chosen (and tested) to meet these criteria. They provide your skin with an unbelievable multivitamin and mineral boost, tonnes of antioxidants, and the youthful-ageing benefits of sea buckthorn and pomegranate extracts. We use virgin oils (ie those that haven’t been refined) to keep the true nature and potency of the plant in tact and provide the highest possible benefits for your skin. We just havent seen anything else on the market like it.

The scents we’ve chosen are designed to ‘bloom’ on the skin over 30 minutes or so, but they are subtle so they don’t interfere with your perfume (or your perfume-free office!). And so far the feedback has been amazing.

elixir trio crop

So that’s the story about how oil changed my life (nope, but it definitely did change my skin). We’d love you to try it and let us know what you think!









Mission accomplished – tincture o’ rice

You may recall that a few weeks ago, I posted about trying my hand at tincture of basmati rice. Well, today it has been filtered, and is now ready for experimention in our perfumes.

Basmati rice fields - image from jollof-impex.com

Basmati rice fields – image from jollof-impex.com

But before I begin that process, I thought I’d tell you about the steps to make this tincture, and about the final result.

I started out with 500g of the best quality 100% basmati rice I could find (cost around $8 for the bag). I then lined a baking tray with unbleached baking paper, spread out the rice in fine layer, and roasted it at 120 degrees celcius for 15 minutes, stirring partway through to ensure even roasting.

Roasting the basmati rice

Roasting the basmati rice

I was careful not to roast at too high a temperature so as too maintain the fragrance and gentleness of the aroma.

After cooling completely, I half-filled a sterile jar with the roasted basmati rice, then added natural grape ethanol to fill the jar. The jar was left in a cool, dark cupboard for 3 weeks, during which time I shook it gently every few days, and tested the smell for potency.

Rice tincture - week 2

Rice tincture – week 2

Today, I filtered the concoction through a fine filter paper into a sterile dark glass bottle,

Hand-filtering the the tincture

Hand-filtering the the tincture

and here we have our final solution: tincture of basmati rice.

Filtered tincture of basmati rice

Filtered tincture of basmati rice

Although the initial tincture was quite cloudy, the final filtered tincture is lovely and clear, with a creamy aroma of basmati rice, and more than a hint of green coconut juice! (My brain is flowing with ideas….!)

And there you have it 🙂


A Story About Sillage (a stinky tale)

‘Twas a sun-filled Thursday afternoon as I set about my daily jog in Perfumeville.I hadn’t ventured far when, coming to a rail crossing, my path met that of a stranger. As we passed eachother by, I was suddenly overcome by a cloud of scent so thick that my knees fairly buckled, and I was forced to hold my breath for what seemed like hours as she passed me out of sight. I let out a “pahhhhhh” as I released my breath, expectantly grateful for the fresh cleansing of autumn air, when I realised her sillage had followed me! Horrified, I spun around to see if she, perhaps, had altered her course, and headed back in my direction with her perfume monster, but she was at least half a block away, barely visible in the suburban distance. What was this beast that had entrapped me in its horrific scent? My guesses cannot be repeated here for fear of retribution, but all I can be sure of was that its tail was at least twenty-five metres long, and clearly capable of destruction as much as its head.

The moral of this story is clear – sillage is capable of both good and evil.  Therefore, choose your fragrance with wisdom and careful consideration. You may feel your sillage is your best friend, but it can hasten to make enemies of those around about you. And your sillage speaks when you may not: intimate and open, strong and showy, broody, sensitive or just plain loud.

And, on a final note, remember this fact that altered history: Marie Antoinette was caught by her captors as a result of the scent trail she left behind.

Enough said.